A report highlighting the emerging FinTech industry in Norfolk has been released. The report, produced by Whitecap Consulting, was commissioned by Tech East with funding from Norfolk County Council. The report concludes that ‘the region is at an emergent but critical stage in its evolution, and now is the right time to provide enhanced support to drive growth that can create economic value and jobs for the region. Creating a FinTech community and encouraging collaboration on a regional and national level can help drive this

FinTech East was established to help create and support a FinTech ecosystem in the region with its Founder, James Blower, having worked in the sector for much of the last 16 years.  Norfolk born, he relocated back to the County in 2022 and currently works with one of the UK’s most valuable FinTech’s. 

Commenting on the report, James said: “Julian and the Whitecap team have produced a high quality report which identifies there is already several FinTech’s operating in Norfolk.  However, as I often find the case is locally, we are not terribly good at shouting about all the good work that is going on and seizing the opportunity to grow the sector further.  I set up FinTech East to provide a forum for just that – where FinTech’s can engage with each other and to help grow the ecosystem locally. It’s great to see people like Lisa Perkin’s at TechEast, Steve Davidson at FIG and others are keen to do this too and I look forward to playing a role in helping take forward the recommendations in the report and supporting FinTech in our wonderful County.”