Supporting the FinTech ecosystem within the eastern region.


About Us

FinTech East was set up to support the existing FinTech ecosystem within the eastern region and facilitate further growth of it. We want to help new FinTech companies start up and scale up by connecting them to funding, partners, expertise, mentoring and networking.

Our aim is to make the East region a thriving FinTech community by showcasing all that the East has to offer.

 There is already a thriving FinTech sector but it is arguably one of the region’s best kept secrets – we want to change that!

Our Aims

  • Connect and support
  • Provide events which inform and support networking
  • Facilitate FinTechs relocating
  • Assist with funding
  • Showcase the East region

FinTech East is self-funded and thrives due to the support it receives from FinTech’s and firms which support the sector, through partnerships and sponsorships.


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FinTech East, Rolston House, Norwich Road, Horstead, Norfolk NR12 7LA


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